We deserve a Fair Share for WA Healthcare

We call on the Federal Government to give WA its Fair Share of healthcare funding.

WA is currently missing out on nearly $1 billion per year in healthcare funding from the Federal Government.

On a per capita basis the Federal Government provides $277 per person LESS to WA than in other States.

  • WA receives only $270 from the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme compared with a national average of $332.
  • WA receives only $670 Medicare per person compared with a national average of $866.
  • WA has 82 GPs per 100,000 people, compared with 97 nationally.
  • WA has 6.06 aged care beds per 1,000 persons compared with 8.12 nationally.
  • WA is not getting its fair share of health care funding. Like all Australians, our community deserves reliable and quality care when we are at our most vulnerable, regardless of geography or circumstance.

We the undersigned call on the Federal Government to recognise the unavoidable cost constraints faced by the State and play their part in a solution to give WA its fair share of healthcare funding.

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Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals take WA for granted.

Authorised by M Dixon, 54 Cheriton St, Perth WA 6000.